Wednesday, January 4, 2012

All The Little Things

Creative Outlet

This outlet is on the side of the wall next to my desk. I often sit at my desk while on the phone and this particular time, I was on the phone with my mother when the afternoon light hit the outlet and the wires, casting wire shadows on the wall. My camera usually sits on my desk as well, so even while we chatted, I picked up the camera and began taking shots of this very dusty outlet with the sun hitting it.

My mother and I talk nearly every day on the phone, separated as we are geographically by an entire continent. My husband often asks what can we possibly find to talk about every single day. I tell him we talk about all the little things, the daily details that we notice around us. Sometimes its about how much laundry we've done that day, or how one of the dogs misbehaved, or how the afternoon light hits an electrical outlet and makes me want to photography it. All of it is important in the way it weaves us together, reinforcing our connection across time and distance.

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