Sunday, January 1, 2012

Weekly Photo Challenge: Winter

On A Wet Black Bough

The weekly photo challenge for the end of December 2011 is "Winter." This photo was taken last Winter. There is no traditional Winter in southern California or what most people picture when they think of Winter. For us, this is the rainy season, when, unlike much of the rest of the country, everything slowly turns green. There are bleak, gray days made raw by the moisture in the air, but our backyard birds, like this hummingbird, still venture out to find food. I found this one huddling alone in the branches of a virtually leafless, wet mulberry tree.


  1. Winter without snow sucks. Normally we have snow over here this time of the year, but this year its still 14 degrees. To bad.

    But I love your picture.

  2. Excellent shot - he looks thoroughly miserable! Your winter sounds like the one we're having in London at the moment.

  3. Is it winter when hummings birds stop humming? :-) Thanks for the share!

  4. Thank you all! I appreciate your comments.....